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Over joyed headshot 2020

Katryce Bridges was born in Kankakee, IL but she was raised in Bloomington, IL. Katryce's love for performing started while participating at the House of Prayer Apostolic Church of God. She joined the church choir at 3 yrs old and became a praise dancer at 5 yrs old. While growing up she practiced singing and harmonizing with her mom. They would also watch movie musicals together (her favorite being Rent). From junior high to high school she participated in student council, drama club, community theatre, theatre camps, concert choir, acapella choir, dance team, and orchesis.  


In 2016, Katryce graduated from Bloomington High School and decided to further her craft at Rockford University in Rockford, IL. During her time there she was apart of the Spirit Squad, Regents (Concert) Choir, Treble Ensemble, and two scholarship choirs: Westminster Scholar Choir and Vocal Collective. She also had a work-study job in the scene shop. In the Fall of 2018, Katryce studied abroad in London, England, and was apart of the student/staff choir at Regents University London. Some of the mainstage shows she was apart of at Rockford University were: Orchesis (2017, 2018, and 2020), Xanadu (Erato), Richard III (Ensemble), Candide (Pink Sheep/Ensemble), All Shook Up (Lorraine), Techies: A New Musical (High School Girl 1), 35mm (Featured Dancer), and Triumph of Love (Corine).


In May of 2020, Katryce graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre and a minor in dance. During the pandemic, she quarantined with her family in Arizona and once the theatre world opened back up it was business as usual. Other than being in shows you can also catch Katryce teaching voice lessons or Princessing! 


When she's not on stage she also enjoys songwriting, directing, scenic painting, props, and lighting. 

*FUN FACT: She has a song for everything!

Head to the "News" page to see what Katryce is up to next!

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